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Latest news: 12 Sep 2014

"I (Tribute Audio Transformers) have served the DIY audio community during the last fifteen years with custom winding all sorts of transformers. Most of the time these activities were fun, not only picking up challenges by trying to improve the products during these years, but also communicating with DIY'ers worldwide and discussing their projects. Being a very time consuming act however, and not willing to compromise quality, it has a downside too: too often lead times got out of hand, causing stress on both sides. Taking my age into account I did not want this situation to continue; I am 64 years now and when I slow down over the years to come I prefer to do it in a more relaxed way. Therefore I dediced to stop DIY custom winding within a couple of months; this means that I will serve my existing DIY customers as much as possible, but new customers have to look elsewhere. Priority will be given to my professional customers; they need reliable lead times. In that new situation there is less diversity in transformers which will make it less time consuming, more relaxed. I wish you all the very best".

Pieter Treurniet,
Tribute Audio Transformers